Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steekly?

Steekly is a creative harbor for contemporary design decals that is willing to help you speak your mind through your devices.

Who came up with those awesome designs?

Our collaboration with the most amazing artists worldwide is the root of any mind-blowing design you may see on our website.

Why Steeklys are so great?

A part from being complete eye-catchers with those mesmerizing designs, they are easy to stick, do not curl up on edges, do not leave marks and are completely reusable.


What is the deal with the "Design and Earn" thing?

The person responsible for the designs of our decals will profit from each decal we sell. We are willing to support our artists and share our success with them.

Can I submit a design?

We are not currently accepting singular or custom artwork, as we are willing to cooperate with professional artists, with unique design styles and the ability to consistently collaborate with us.

I am not that into designs anyway, but I know someone who is a great artist, what should I do?

We are interested in working with unique artists all around the world. Please, consider contacting us via e-mail with a brief introduction about yourself and your artwork (portfolio may be included) and we will get back to you. Good luck!


Do you ship worldwide?

We are global, baby! We will send you our awesome decals anywhere in the world, just put down the address in an English-only form, when you checkout.

How much the shipping costs?

For all of our customers in the UK, shipping is free. For all of our international decal-lovers, the shipping is $2 per order.

I have some questions about my order, whom do I contact?

Get in touch with us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

Okay, I have placed my order, when should my stuff arrive?

Unfortunately, the teleport is not there yet, so normally each order is shipped within 24 hours. Usually, it may take 4-7 business days for the US, 2-5 business days for the UK and EU. Unusually, it may never arrive (looking at you, Russia).

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Yes, we are willing to make people happy. In case you feel unsatisfactory, do not hesitate to contact us at


I want to go bananas, can I order A LOT of your decals?

By all means, we are here to provide you with enough decals to go on a sticker frenzy! Please contact us at for a quote on your bulk request.

I would love to sell your Steeklys in my store, is that possible?

Of course, to get more information on wholesale, please contact us at